Haguess, s.r.o. was established in 1996. It first specialized in the development, implementation and servicing of banking information systems as well as the processing of mathematical models for forecasting the efficiency of processes. Moving forward the company moved into the municipal and healthcare sectors where it concentrated on the development, implementation and servicing of transaction card systems. At present, we operate this solution for our clients.

Our company also carries out pre-project analyses and modeling of efficiency of processes. Mathematical models have been developed to assess the efficiency of avionics in civil aviation in specific operating conditions. In addition to these type of avionics projects we also conduct studies using models to gauge the efficiency of smart cards as a multipurpose form of payment, identification and information instrument in normal operation within municipalities, transport and the commercial sphere.

We develop and provide our software products and services on the basis of the practical experience our specialists have gained through the many years of our operations in Czech and foreign markets.
In the banking sector our specialists have participated in the development of two universal banking information systems, which have been successfully implemented and currently operate in thirty banks across the Czech Republic, Europe and Asia. The core banking product is the “Quaestor System”, whose functions cover the whole spectrum of services for private, retail and wholesale banking.

Our experience in the development and implementation of products for the banking system has provided us with a know-how database for transaction card systems. These systems are designed for the processing of many types of transactions made by individuals using smart cards. In the project “Municipal Smart Card” our specialists participated in the development, implementation and servicing of the system, which encompasses the functions of a card and clearing center together with the functions of an electronic purse. The “Kronus System”, the core product in this area, is being developed with a vision to make use of new technologies for making micro-payments, which are represented, for example, by mobile telephones.

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